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What is Utophoto?
Utophoto is a global stock contents library specializing in Asian model contents.
You can find and download high-quality photos, illustrations and templates provided by amazing contributors around the world.
Why should I choose Utophoto?
Unlike other stock contents services, Utophoto has a professional creative team who creates exclusive contents that you can't find anywhere else.
Through long experience in the stock contents industry, we have built strong relationships with skilled contributors, stock contents producing agencies and we are always welcoming new contributors with fresh and trendy design sources.
In the end, stock contents are all about its uniqueness and quality - and that’s our league.
How long can I use the content?
For lifetime! RF (royalty-free) means you can use the downloaded contents for lifetime without additional charge as long as you use it within the license terms. Learn more about licensing
Do you provide comping/previewing content?
You can download watermarked previewing image just by holding and dragging it into your desktop or folder.
Watermark is necessary in order to protect our contributors' rights.
But please be aware that watermarked content cannot be used commercially but only for the purpose of evaluation and testing of the image prior to purchase such as pitches/illustrative purposes or unfinished projects.
Can Utophoto curate images for me?
We provide free curation service for extended license clients only for now. We will try our best to expand our service. If you've purchased extended license and wish to get image curation service, reach us at utophoto@bbtree.co.kr
Do you have images with transparent background?
All our photos are provided in JPEG format with no transparent backgrounds.
But we have huge volume of model photos with white/gray background which you can remove using editing software such as Adobe Photoshop.
When do I create business account?
If downloaded contents will be used for your company, we advise you to create Business account and share the account to your organization.
Please take note that downloaded contents are licensed to the username.
How do I change email address?
From the top right menu, click My Page > Profile. Click the pen (edit) icon in the email box then enter your new email address.
How do I delete my Utophoto account?
From the top right menu, click My Page > Account.
You will then see [Delete my account].
You need to confirm your password in order for us to delete the account.
Please take note that if you have no purchase history, your info will be completely deleted right away.
If you have purchase history, most of your info will be deleted except for your name and download history.
We maintain these in order to confirm that you have downloaded the contents from us and to keep you safe from infringement issues.
Deleted accounts cannot be retrieved.
Once your account is deleted, you cannot use the old email address to re-register for three months.
How do I change my password?
From the top right menu, click My Page > Profile. You will then see [Change password] below the email.
Do you support other languages?
You can change the website language from the top right menu.
The default language is [English] and you can change it to [Japanese] or [Chinese].
However, our customer center only supports english and Chinese for now.
You can reach us in any language though! We will try our best to translate and return to you with the best answers.
What is a subscription plan?
You can enjoy lowest prices on all of the Utophoto contents bu paying a flat rate to access a set number of downloads every month through purchasing subscription plan.
The download limit will reset every month and please note that unused slots will expire automatically at the end of the month.
Subscription plan comes with standard license and you can choose from monthly or annual subscription.
Monthly plan is automatically renewed while Annual plan will not renew at the end of the term.
You can turn off auto-renew from [My Plans] anytime.
What is image pack?
Image pack consists of a set number of image slots that are valid for a year.
You can make a one-off purchase and download images whenever you need within a year from the date of purchase.
There are 2 types of image packs (standard and extended), and you can choose the number of images from [5, 10, 50, 100].
Can I combine the image packs or remaining subscription slots in my account with another Utophoto account?
Sorry, combining/transferring image packs, subscription slots from one Utophoto account to another account cannot be done even if the account belongs to you.
How to upgrade to Multi Login account?
We only allow one session from one device at a time.
You can always upgrade to multi login account from [My Page].
What is Standard license?
Every content downloaded on Utophoto comes with a standard license which lets you use it in a wide variety of commercial and advertising projects including :

· Unlimited web distribution
· Electronic and printed documents
· Books and E-books
· Online and offline advertising materials
· Corporate, advertisement and Youtube videos
What is Extended license?
Extended license is required if you intend to use the content in item for merchandise / template purposes such as :

Printed merchandise for resale below 100,000 copies
· Print products such as greeting card, postcard, stationery, stickers
· Merchandise such as poster, calendar, DVD, mugs, mouse pads, wallpaper, clothing
· Package design for merchandise
· Book and album cover design

You may purchase multiple extended license based on the number of prints if quantity goes beyond 100,000 copies.
For example : if you will print 500,000 copies of a poster designed with Utophoto content - get 5 extended image packs.

Electronic merchandise and templates
· Templates for website, name card, brochure design
· Design elements for app and software : background, loading screen, screensaver, icon etc.
· Print on demand service and platform : postcards, mugs, T-shirts, poster etc.

You can get extended license only through purchasing extended image packs.
Not sure if your usage falls under our extended license terms? Send us inquiry utophoto@bbtree.co.kr
Any prohibited uses of Utophoto contents?
· You can't use contents for trademark or logo.
· You can't use in any way that is offensive, immoral and defamatory.
· You can't use subscription contents after 30 days from your expiry date. Please re-purchase for further usage.
· You can't use Asian model contents for promotions on urology, plastic surgery, obstetrics and gynecology.
(except for contents under ‘allowed for medical plastic surgery’ category.)
How to get extended license for a content that I've downloaded using subscription?
You need to buy extended image pack in addition to the subscription in order to purchase a content with an extended license.
Does Utophoto content have model or property release?
Yes, all contents uploaded on Utophoto are properly released.
We only accept and upload contents from contributors with a policy that if a content shows a recognizable person or a trademarked building/private space/location must be accompanied by a release.
How can I get proof that I licensed Utophoto content?
You can request for a license certificate through utophoto@bbtree.co.kr .
Please state the reason for use for us to insert the context that fits your needs.
Can I get exclusive use of the image I've purchased?
Utophoto offer royalty-free licensing but we can always arrange exclusive buyout for you.
However the buyout will depend on contributors' willingness to sell the copyright and you also have to consider the fact that other clients who have previously obtained royalty-free license for the image can use the content for lifetime within the license terms.
Can I edit the content I license?
All Utophoto contents can be edited extensively using softwares such as Adobe photoshop and illustrator.
Can I use the content as my company logo?
No, Utophoto license do not allow contents to be used as trademarks or logos including incorporating elements of a vector as a part of a logo.
Use of content as a logo requires exclusivity while Utophoto contents are licensed as royalty free.
Can my clients use the content that I have downloaded?
Client can utilize the final artwork with the content in it, but not the content itself.
If the client would like to use the content itself, they will need to purchase the license for the content themselves.
Do I have to credit Utophoto whenever I use a content file?
You don't have to credit Utophoto contents.
However, please add creativity or a logo, or at least block ‘right - click to save’ so that your audience don't share the original content anywhere else.
Are Utophoto licenses transferable?
Contents that you've licensed from Utophoto are solely licensed to you.
Account and content licenses cannot be transferred to another person.
However, you can always use the licensed contents in works for your clients.
If your client needs the license to use the content separately, client must also purchase an additional license.
How do I cancel my Utophoto plan?
As the content royalty is remitted to contributor upon purchasing, except when required by law, Utophoto shall be under no obligation to issue refunds under any circumstances.
All fees are non-refundable, even if your subscription is terminated before its expiration.
Can I exchange the remaining subscription slots, image packs in my account for cash?
Sorry, remaining slots and image packs are non-refundable and non-exchangeable for cash.
How do I turn off auto renew?
Monthly subscription does not have a annual commitment so you can alwas turn off the auto renewal to prevent any further charges from [My Page].
When monthly plans are canceled, you can access until the end of your billing period.
Do you provide other payment methods aside from credit card transactions?
Sorry, we don’t provide any alternative payments aside from credit cards for now.
Why is my card not being accepted?
If you are having problems completing online credit card purchase, reach us through utophoto@bbtree.co.kr.
Please specify your username, card institution name and purchasing product for us to help as soon as possible.
If your monthly subscription's auto renewal failed due to an issue with your credit card, please update your card again from Billing information.
Where can I change my billing information?
You can view and edit your billing information from here.
Where can I find my invoices?
You can check and download invoice from here.
How to redownload images?
From top right menu, go to My Page > My Downloads.
Click the type of the content (Subscription, Image Pack, Free Image) then click redownload.
When can I download my images?
You can download anytime as long as you have available slots and your service duration has not expired.
You can check your expiry date and time from My Page > Account.
How do I download images?
Sign up then login 2. purchase product : subscription or image pack 3. search image 4. click download button :)
How to use Board?
Board is your personal dashboard where you can store and manage contents that you like.
You can add content to a folder in Board by clicking [+] from search results or content page.
You can manage folders from My Page > Board.
How do I check the size of the image?
Utophoto provides one size, which is the original size of the content.
You can check each content’s size by clicking the content tumbnail.
You can also view the same series’ images and similar images at the bottom of this page.
How can I see more images from the same contributor?
From top right menu, go to My Page > My Downloads.
Click the type of the content (Subscription, Image Pack, Free Image) then click redownload.
Why is the content I wanted or previously downloaded no longer available?
The content can be withdrawn at the request of the content provider or if a client wants to buy out the content for exclusive usage.
How can I contribute my work to Utophoto?
First, you need Utophoto account to register as a contributor. Read our commission structure and how to start contributing here.
How much time does it take to review my content?
If you create vectors, upload your best 5 files. If you take photos, upload your 10 best files here.
You have to put them in a ZIP folder in order to upload successfully.
The review usually takes up to 15 business days in maximum.
Are editorial images accepted?
We don't receive any content with unreleased people, objects, places in it.
Utophoto only provides contents that can be used to advertise or promote a product or service.
Do I still have the right to use the photos or do I hand over the complete rights to Utophoto?
The copyright to the contents belong to you. We merely license your contents to the customer under the terms.
Can I add my own watermark or timestamp?
Sorry but you can't add any personal branding such as (company/your) name, signature, copyright, watermark, barcode or QR code.
You cannot put these in the metadata as well.
We protect your works with our own watermark when contents are accepted.
May I upload images using FTP?
Yes, we support image uploading via FTP.
To set up FTP account, you need to register as contributor first and reach out to submission@bbtree.co.kr.
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